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Zykron Century Fibre cement Boards

Fibre Cement Boards have become quite a commonly used product in the industry of construction. These boards are a convenient option when you are looking to build your space efficiently.
This is a best and unique range of fibre board solutions available only at Assam Plywood. Zykron Century Fibre Cement boards tend to stand strong in the areas having the presence of moisture and leaks. These boards have an excellent moisture absorbing and dying properties- this also makes them resistant to climatic change as well.
Zykron, Fibre Cement boards are the composite

materials that are made up of sand, cement, and fibre. These boards can be used alone or along with any plywood. They are highly resistant to termites, water and fire- this makes them an ideal choice to be added to your property.


These boards are generally used for flooring, furniture, wall-paneling or cladding and even for making certain gates. Unlike a normal plywood, these fibre boards do not degenerate and disintegrate due to moisture and do not attract harmful termites. These boards can be used in kitchens and bathrooms too, as they are highly resistant to heat and do not catch fire easily. Health problems are minimised for your family as well as those who help build your property worth living.

What are the Features of Zykron, Century Fibre Cement Boards?

● ASBESTOS-FREE: This product does not contain asbestos (generally harms our respiratory system).
● TIDY AND NEAT CONSTRUCTION: Using Zykron fiber Boards helps you to avoid the clutter of bricks, cement, and water.
● ODOR RESISTANT: Unlike other material, these fibre boards does not give-o-any odor
● QUICK CONSTRUCTION: Construction becomes 3 to 4 times faster while using Zykron fibre cement boards.
● UNIFORMITY: Zykron is a factory-made product which aims at providing you with a smooth and uniform finish.
● FORMALDEHYDE FREE: Since these boards do not use any glues or resins- it does not emit any harmful vapors of formaldehyde.