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WPVC Boards

Known as the most longed for and appreciated provider of premium quality interior solutions, Assam Plywood Agencies has emerged as the one-stop place for acquiring the extensive array of WPVC Boards. Our passion to help homeowners to incorporate a distinctive and contemporary aesthetic enhancement into interiors persuades us to serve in the best feasible way. Supported by a team of experienced artisans, we are listed among the most authentic providers of WPVC Boards that are extremely robust and precisely Finished.
Specifically designed in accordance with advanced industrial standards, our WPVC

boards are widely used in the construction template, furniture, decoration and plenty of industries. With an ability to add a modern touch to the interiors, our boards come with multiple advantages including corrosion-resistant, fire retardant, hassle-free installation, low maintenance, zero swelling and no shrinkage. Efficiency, Sustainability and Reliability and our pursuits and the WPVC boards we provide outshine all other boards when it comes to width, thickness, quality, durability and extrusion capacity.

Why Choose Assam Plywood Agencies for WPVC Boards:

● Highly Experienced and Reputable Firm

● A team of Veteran Artisans

● Premium Quality WPVC boards

● Safe and Hassle-free Installation

● Budget-friendly Prices

Our WPVC boards have technical solidify surface properties and these are
coated for surface beautification. We ensure safe installation of our boards
and no weather conditions can harm our boards. Before delivery, our boards
undergo various testing procedures by our quality control team.