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Veneer Moulded Panel Door Series

Veneer Moulded panel doors are made up of the finest quality and rigid decorative composite foils, fiberboards and wood. These doors are aesthetically beautiful and highly durable.
The European standard raw material and German technology facilitate us to provide you with these highly elegant and decorative doors. Apart from being affordable, the striking looks of the doors offer a grand charm to the interiors of your commercial space and homes.
At Assam Plywoods, we aim at providing your with a classic visual delight from the natural woods with our remarkable series of Veneer

Moulded Panel doors. We also have specially designed and imported molded panel doors keeping the climatic conditions and requirements of our customers.

These doors are made from high-quality fiberboard panel which resists shrinking, cracking and swelling. You also have an additional advantage of a very low maintenance as our doors does not require polishing, varnishing, and painting, thus you can a lot of your hard-earned greens.
Our Veneer Moulded panel door series serves as one of the best alternatives to the solid timber panel doors. They are durable, long-lasting, and warp free, therefore these do not require sanding, putti or Lapi.
Our Veneer Series serves as the best alternative to solid timber panel doors. They are not only durable and long lasting but also borer and warp free. The veneer doors demand very low maintenance. These doors do not require Sanding, Lapi or Putti.
This door can be easily customized for quick installations and are also available in classic wood series- Walnut, teak, sapele, and wenge.


● Variants Availability: Panel Design Option – 1/2/3/4/6
● Maximum Size Offered at Assam Plywoods (HXW: in ft.): 7×3.5
● Thickness (mm): 30/ 32/ 35/ 40/ 45mm