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Solid WPVC Doors

As we know, happiness means different to different people. But that one thing that gives happiness to everyone of us is the enchanting interiors of our home. Doors from Assam Plywoods helps you feel the same- Happy it is!!
Solid WPVC doors are made up from 5mm PVC sheets along with reinforcements of the M.S frame. Solid PVC doors are known for its proven performance for more than 8 years especially in the water splash areas like bathrooms and kitchen.
Assam Plywoods is a leading brand that aims at providing solid doors that uplift the feel and the ambiance of your property. These doors are

available in a huge variety of designs and finishes.

So, get the complimentary look by adding these solid doors and imbibe a lot of energy to your workplace or home.

Some Facts about Solid WPVC doors

1. Composition: These doors constitutes around 40% of natural fiber and 35% of polymer. Thus, they are not harmful to your health.
2. Advanced and Improved Substitutes: Solid WPVC doors are made with PROFIB technology and are considered as improved substitutes to a normal wooden door.
3. Highly Durable Nature: You will not find any swelling, wastage or even contraction due to cracking! Also, there is no paint required to keep the doors in well in order. This also makes our Solid PVC doors pocket-friendly and easy-to-maintain.
4. A Green Product: The Solid WPVC doors are Assam Plywoods are eco-friendly and 100% green product. Additionally, it is also water, moisture, termite and abrasion proof product.