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Royal Touche Laminates

Royale Touche laminates at Assam Plywoods are the composite material manufactured in a number of layers to enhance the qualities like strength, stability, appearance, and durability. After that, the process of lamination is done by either applying a high pressure and heat or by using adhesives.
Laminates in the industry generally refer to a type of flooring, that has earned its popularity throughout the world by offering various advantages. Our laminates not only create the decorative surface on the floors but can also be used for table tops and on a wide range of furniture.

We provide you with a variety of exotic laminates for your properties. This means that you have a freedom at Assam Plywoods to choose from an assortment of laminate materials, which includes plywood, plastic, and timber. These are meticulously engineered into several textures and finish
You can also find them in types of grain and appearances that resemble oak, pine, maple and many more.


● Aesthetics: The Royale Touche Laminates adds a style to your interiors through natural patterns and colors, textures and seamless blend of beautiful designs.
● Durability: This product is admired by clients for being highly durable and resistant to scratches and abrasion.
● Long Life: For being highly resistant to heat and bad climatic conditions the laminates tend to last longer.
● Flexible Finish: You can get a variety of the floral patterns to the matt finish, at Assam Plywoods every design on laminates is capable of providing a distinct look and finish.
● Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The laminated layer of your interiors are stain and moisture resistant. Therefore, these do not demand a regular repair and the maintenance cost is easy to your pockets.