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PVC Membrane Doors

When we set out to make our homes look beautiful from both inside or outside, then we pay attention to a lot of aspects. We tend to look what colors we want for the walls of our house, or what furniture to buy, what types of windows would look and more. However, amidst all this, there is something that we all tend to neglect- the door, Of Course!
We offer a wide range of membrane doors, using the best quality scratch resistant PVC foil. These doors range from single and elegant to intricate and classic patterns for your home. PVC membrane doors are used especially for cabinet doors, kitchen and are available in extensive colors and texture prints.

PVC membrane doors are made up form Solid particle board with a side frame created from a premium quality timber, that is treated with chemicals and seasoned very carefully. The PVC membrane is then pressed on the door with the help of synthetic adhesives with the help of Vacuum Membrane Press.

These doors membrane ensures that the doors do not shrink, crack, separate or swell at the joins during the change in climatic conditions.
about exactly what a membrane door is, connect with a membrane doors supplier.

Speciality :

● Termite, abrasion and Water Resistant
● Heat and Fire Resistant
● Fine Polishing
● Eco-friendly Material
● Perfect Finishing
● Dimensionally Accurate
● Variety of Patterns