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PVC Embossed Boards 2D Deco Panel

With a vision to take the aesthetics of the residential and commercial complexes to the highest level, Assam Plywood Agencies offers an exclusive range of PVC 2D deco Panels. Our PVC 2D deco Panels are sleek, durable and add a marvelous and contemporary appearance to the interiors. These panels are highly applauded by homeowners as an important home decor accessory.

Over the past few years, we have proved our competency and established the top position in the market by satisfying needs of countless homeowners and enterprises. In terms of quality, our products surpass the highest

standards and we always strive to set the new benchmarks whenever we introduce something into the market. Depending upon the space, need and choice, our panels can be easily laid in a pattern or single layout. Our 2D deco panels are 100% Termite-proof and 100% waterproof which makes them the primary necessity of every house.

Outstanding Features of our PVC 2D deco Panel:

● Custom made 2D deco Panels

● Flawless Finish

● Multi Layer Designs Available

● Unique Designs and Colours

● Sizes Up to 1000 MM

Our expert team interacts with our clients at regular intervals, understand their requirements and prior to deliver our products, we double check whether they meet the exact requirement of our clients or not. Our skilled professionals design these panels by using top-quality materials and ultra-modern techniques. Our panels are absolutely safe to use and have no hazardous chemical involved in their making.