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Plain MDF Board

At Assam Plywoods, Plain MDF are strong and stable panel boards manufactured from lignocellulosic material or wood, which is further refined into a number of fibres and then reconstituted using a resin binder at elevated temperature and pressure so as to form panels. These can panel can be used for constructions of furniture and interiors of your home or office.
Plain MDF Boards at Assam Plywoods are made up from 100% agro-forestry timber. It is very eco-friendly and is also considered an ideal substitute for other wooden panels and solid timber.

Plain MDF Boards are available in the following Grades :

E1 or Exterior Grade 1: These boards are made up of some special melamine formaldehyde formulated resin. This means that these boards are the ideal products to be used in water and moisture subjected areas.
E2 or Interior Grade: These boards can be used in the designing all types of interiors panels and furniture.
Our Plain MDF boards have the best routing features due to a unique German Technology, that we use to press the boards in a way that pressure can reach to the core. This results in a more densified core, which is crucial for high-quality routing.

At Assam Plywoods we produce boards with both E1 and E2 grade


1. Fancy Wall cladding in the routed waveform.
2. You can create various Wooden Handicrafts.
3. For the partitions in various Exhibition Stalls or Display and POP.
5. Cladding or Paneling inside your office or homes.
6. It is used as a Photo Lamination substrate.
7. Routing & carving of gift items or trophies.
8. Routed doors for your Kitchens and Wardrobes with a polished surface.