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Panel Doors

In broadest terms, the interior doors can be classified into the panel or flush doors. Panel doors have stiles and rails made up of solid wood. The spaces between stiles and rails consist of loose-fitting panels made up of solid wood.

These panels fit right into the grooves in the3 door stiles and rails.These doors are easy to design and are in demand for their carved designs. You can find a number of timbers. Attractive and cost-effective doors at Assam Plywood, we tend to make superior-quality doors for your home and workplace.

Panel doors are generally used in construction work. These doors are quite famous for several reasons. Panel doors are hard and provide an extra beauty to the doors of your home. They are also available in various options like single panel, double panel, 3 panels, 6 panels and more.


Panel doors for heritage or conventional buildings
Panel doors are typically used for heritage or traditional buildings, where the doors are required to complement the existing building or stand out to meet certain planning guidelines.
Also in some cases, the adapted panel doors are used to match the already existing doors. The use of panel doors can help a building to retain its traditional heritage integrity along with ensuring that a modern acoustic and fire resisting requirements are not compromised.

Advantages of Panel Doors:

• Panel doors are quite hard and strong; therefore these can be used as exteriors doors as well.
• They provide elegance and beauty to your property.
• These can be easily molded and shaped as per the architect’s requirements
• Panel doors tend to hold up better in the everyday use
• These doors require very low maintenance.
• They are weatherproof when compared to other wooden doors.