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Moulded Panel Door Series

Depending upon the interiors of your home or commercial space, molded panel doors tend to create a lightning appeal due to its well-crafted and elegant designs available at Assam Plywoods. Our products are ideal for both new or old constructions as well as during remodeling and renovations.The simple yet attractive design of these doors makes up for a humble and warm welcome to any entrance.

Moulded panel door is constructed by using hardboard fiber material along with a series of panels, which are further heat-pressed into molds so as to create a door.

These doors are as good as solid wood doors when compared to the looks, durability, and finish. Moulded Panel Door costs much less than a normal or solid wood door shutters. They are environment-friendly, have minimal swellings or contractions during harsh climatic conditions.

These panel doors are a happy solution to mark a balance between the ever-growing demand for solid wooden doors. The molded panel doors have been designed so as to discard the demerits of traditional wooden doors and retain the advantages of the same.


● Skin and Core bonded with high-grade synthetic resin to accord it during harsh weather conditions.
● Great for light-commercial or residential like bedrooms, hallways, cabins, rooms and large storage areas.
● Moulding profile is filled with solid material.
● High-density fiber is added to the doors strong and stable.
● Reduces sound transmission.
● Comes with a complete seasoning and chemical treatment