Our Product Range

Laminate Door

Assam Plywood provides you with a full range of internal Laminate doors to complement its flush and moulded door collections.
Our Laminate doors tend to employ a durable multi-layer system, incorporating 3 sheets of paper that are impregnated with various adhesives. As a result, these laminate doors withstand consistent impact and are impermeable to other types of damage generally encountered within a location with high demand.
Laminate doors not only look better but it also lasts a bit longer as compared to the other doors.

Also, due to their super performance quality, the laminated doors are also strong and can, therefore, be cleaned and maintained more frequently, without the risk of disturbing the protective layered system.

Product Information:

● All doors at Assam Plywood are manufactured on the basis of a made to order that allows you to choose your desired size, color, and finish.
● Available in a variety of colors (painted by using either Formica or Polyrey Laminates).
● Suited for more demanding locations where a regular maintenance and cleaning plays a crucial role.
● The multi-layered face protects the door against the consistent impact; countless resistant properties.
● We offer the IANESCO approved products best for catering and restaurant environments.

Product Specification Information:

1. Solid core as standard.
2. Moisture Resistant.
3. Fire Resistant.
4. Door pairs available.
5. Aperture options available.

Core Specification Details:

● Solid Core – Solid core material is a standard thickness door that offers the best specifications.
● Fireshield FD30 Framed Construction – These doors are surrounded by substantial timber framing with the thickness of 44mm.
● Firemaster FD60 Framed Construction – these types of doors are surrounded by substantial timber framing. When installed correctly installed with suitable intumescent strips and aims at providing you with a certified fire resistance.