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High Pressure Laminate Cladding

With an aim to go beyond the world of interiors and bring the best of exterior solutions in a variety of designer shades & patterns, Assam Plywood Agencies promises to revolutionize home and office facades by offering high pressure laminate cladding. Our high pressure laminates come with a premium weather protective coating that includes double hardened resins. Manufactured in a high pressure laminate pressed under very high temperature, our laminates act as the best possible solution to add a dynamic aesthetics to building exteriors and provide the longevity to the building facades.

With a relentless focus on serving our customers in a phenomenal way, we deliver top of the line products and customized solutions through continuous innovations with technology with prodigious product knowledge for sustained profitability. We have the largest variety of high pressure laminate cladding in decors from concrete to metal, timber to metallic and graphic print to solid options.

Even in the harshest external environments, our laminate cladding remains extremely tough with high resistance to fading, scratching and denting. Designed in accordance with the industry standards, our high pressure laminate cladding reflects outstanding durability and excellent consistency.

Factors that represent the Durability of our high pressure laminate cladding:

● Tested for Air, Water and structural performance

● Weather resistant and Termite resistant

● Full Warranty

● UV Resistant

● Maintenance Free

We have a proven track record in offering top-quality High pressure laminate cladding and the high density surface finish of our laminate cladding helps in preventing accumulation of any dirt, dust and harmful substances. If you have any query related to our High pressure laminate cladding or any other product, please get in touch with us and talk to our experts now.