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Flush Doors

We all know that our life is a journey and every time we take a turn, we will find a door that commences the rite of a passage. Doors are known to open up to the dreams, opportunities, and desires that lie on the other the side of it. Keeping all that in mind, We at Assam Plywoods offer a beautiful collection of flush doors. These doors will help you appreciate the fact that doors are not just mere wooden structures that are manufactured to protect, but also they open up to the myriad chance that our lives have instore for us.
So do not ignore that stride and try to make it count as you enter through the doors from the house of Assam Plywoods.

The Flush Doors has a numbers of wooden strips that are placed in an edge-to-edge formation, then bonded under a very high pressure using synthetic resin.
In other words, the door is composed of a timber frame that is further covered with ply from both the sides and the hollow area inside is filled with a number of rectangular blocks.

The Term “Flush Door” is so called because it has a very smooth surface. If the water were to be splashed on the surface, it would flow off easily without accumulating on the door.

Key- Features Of these Flush Doors:

● The Flush Doors at Assam Plywood are stiff, strong and possesses high resistance.
● These doors are treated with a number of chemicals and are vacuum pressed so as to make them heat and water resistant.
● The Flush Doors are decay proof. The chemical treatment makes the door fungi and termite free.
● The surface of a flush door is highly resistant to scratches or stains and therefore requires less maintenance.
● Flush doors at Assam Plywood are stable and dimensionally accurate which makes them highly durable and provides them with the high screw holding capacity.