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Fibre Cement Panels

With a vision to outstrip amongst all in the field of exterior and interior solutions and gain a competitive edge, Assam Plywood Agencies has pioneered the use of Fibre cement panels suitable for a diverse array of applications. The panels we provide have capability to give a proven performance in harsh environments globally. We acquire this variety from the best and renowned vendors in this realm. They use premium quality tools, best quality machines and cutting-edge technologies for making the durable panels accessible to everyone at cost-effective rates.

With preeminent properties like fire-proof, asbestos-free, cement-based and resistant against insects and fungal decay, our Fibre cement panels are characterized by superlative mechanical and physical attributes and a low water absorption. Supplied as fully dyed panels or with a colored and structured covering layer, they comply with the building code and fire rating regulations. Based on surface finish, color and texture, one can opt from a range of panels and our panels can be transformed into any size or shape.

Preeminent Features of our Fibre cement panels:

● Weather resistant

● Antistatic, do not attract dust and dirt

● Frost-resistant

● Environmentally friendly, do not emit dangerous toxins

● Anti-graffiti protection

● Minimum water clogging

The protective coating does not allow dye from markers and other paints to penetrate the panel, making it easy to clean, ensuring that the color or surface of the panel is not damaged at all. While delivering the panels, our quality analyst team gives special attention to the quality of the product. We cross-check after every delivery whether our esteemed clients get the similar product they expected or not. Our professional team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing quality services at our clients’ doorsteps.