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Fibre Cement Flooring

With the design, uniqueness, creativity and innovation as our central drivers, Assam Plywood Agencies is focused on an intuitive approach to provide highest quality fibre cement flooring suitable for all flooring applications including bathrooms, laundries, decks and balconies. The simplicity, embedded beauty and resistance against fire and moisture make our fibre cement flooring perfect to use. No matter whether it is a modern or a conventional construction, our fibre cement flooring is safe to install. The premium thermal insulation makes them safe to use for all climatic conditions.

Our fibre cement flooring is sealed on all sides with an advanced coating that helps to protect from moisture-related issues. Our flooring is designed in such a way that it eliminates the risk of any damage from dust or any other substance. We have a dedicated team of professionals acquainted with all flooring maintenance techniques and we give comprehensive guidance to our clients. Installing our fibre cement flooring is not at all time-consuming and arduous. The colors and design depend upon the rest of the space.

Factors that make our fibre cement flooring Reliable and Safe to use:

● Fire retardant

● 100% waterproof

● Bacteria and fungus resistant

● No shrinking or swelling

● Immune to termite attacks

● Immune to permanent damage from water

For making our prices extremely affordable, we do a lot of things such as checking the competitor’s prices, finding the one with lowest price and drop our prices to the lowest level that meets our client’s budget. Contact our professional team for any query or question related to fibre cement flooring and its features.