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Exclusive Decorative Laminates

If you are planning to decorate your office or home in an aesthetic manner, look no further, being one of the leading brands we are here to help you out!
At Assam Plywoods you will find a wide range of exclusive decorative laminates for your table, chair, countertops, workstations, floors, doors etc at the very low price. These laminates are designed by infusing laminated sheets of brown Kraft papers and exclusive decorative printed papers together by using heat and pressure.
Decorative laminates are considered to be one of the potential surfacing material for engineered furniture pieces. These laminates

are perfect to lend a luxurious look, in case you are looking for elegant and innovative surfaces for your home furniture or cubicles at offices.


● Water Resistant: Laminated sheets are resistant to water and moisture. Therefore, these are an ideal product for installation even in areas like bathroom and kitchen. You can expect them so as to last longer without bearing the effect of moisture and other weather conditions.
● Huge Variety: These laminated sheets come in a wide range of texture and finishes like beaded styles, crystal, matte look, metallic, chrome, marble finish and many more.
● Microbe-Resistant: Treated and designed to be antibacterial and antifungal, these laminates are admired for being eco-friendly by a number of our customers.
● Customizable: You customize the decorative laminates to meet your preferences and requirements by molding or shaping them accordingly.