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Embossed Prelaminated MDF Board

The embossed Pre-laminated MDF boards come with an embossed designed surface that can be polished easily with stain or lacquer. These boards are made up of an intricate process where the MDF is pressed under a very high pressure with accurately etched design plates so as to render some beautiful exotic designs.

Our motto at Assam Plywoods is to outshine amongst our potential clients by providing them with high quality embossed Pre-laminated MDF boards. Our boards are specially designed by artisans who hold an expertise in this domain.

We offer a huge range of these embossed MDF boards that can be used for wall paintings, furniture, false ceiling and other purposes. These embossed boards are impeccable in designs and appearance.

These boards are also available in wood grain finish. Embossed boards are developed and design at par with a few sets of guidelines in the industry so as to attain the highest quality benchmark. With an aim to reach maximum market satisfaction these boards can be modified for bulk requirements.

Some Extraordinary Features of Embossed Pre-Laminated MDF boards:

■ The boards is very Eco-friendly
■ Have Uniform density properties
■ Excellent acoustic properties
■ exorbitant load bearing
■ Have a Smooth surface
■ Does not bend or warp when exposed to humid and harsh climatic conditions
■ Can be easily molded to give any shape
■ Free from knots or other bonding defects
■ Highly resistant to abrasion, moisture, burns, water, and household chemicals
■ Better strength and an excellent surface smoothness.
■ These boards are highly durable and are finely finished.