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Brazilian Stone

Historically, Brazilian stone has been discovered with certain artifacts from ancient times. This stone was earlier used as healing amulets and ornaments when dating back to Babylon. It is a highly demanded product throughout Africa and Middle East Russia. Agate stone or Brazilian stone sparked the world’s prominent stone-cutting and polishing industry in the Germany that flourished around the 19th century and do exist today.
These stone sheets are available in a number of geological patterns- that are the best selling pieces at Assam Plywood.As the name suggests Brazilian and Agate glass collection is evocative

of the semi-precious stone sheets you can get for your home or even for your office.

These sheets come in beautiful banding that visually combines the unanimity of stone sheets when comes to fluidity of water and translucency of air in 15 different colors and finishes. The Brazilian stones are generally banded in strips or layers, also many of them have fossilized an inclusion that provides your interiors with a perfect and elegant look.

Product Applications:

1. Brazilian stone improves the inner stability. The warm, protective property also encourages a sense of security and self-confidence. It is considered to be a great crystal to be used in the interiors.
2. There is the number of applications of this stone and thus it can be used in commercial, Industrial, and entertainment industries.
3. It can be used as Building Facade, Display units, Column Covers, and Pillar Covers, panels, Ceilings & Wall with Black Light Effect.

Care and Maintenance:

• You can use ammonia-based cleaner or soapy water so as to clean the stone.
• You can also repair the product by a trained fabricator in case the material is broken or become scratched.
• Make sure that the product is at a place with minimal heat exposure so as to protect its solid surface.