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Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding ACP

Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP is a new age material that’s used for building exteriors, interior applications and signage. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes like wood, stone, dual-tone etc. And it can be bent, folded and turned into shapes that can’t be achieved by any other material. Hence, ACP allows more design liberty, and is thus a designer’s delight.

The Inside Story:

The top and the bottom layers of ACP are of coated aluminium sheets and the core sandwiched between them is polyethylene.

● Protection Film

● PVDF/Polyester Resin Based Coating

● Primer Coating (used in case of PVDF only)

● Aluminium Coil

● Adhesive Film (Polyolefin)

● Polyethylene Core (LDPE)

● Adhesive Film (Polyolefin)

● Aluminium Coil

● Service Coating (Anti-corrosive)