Water Panels

Water panels are increasingly becoming a popular decor feature for both home and office use. Not only they add Zen to space but also create a calm and tranquil environment. Being the trader, supplier, distributor, and the leading wholesaler, we at Assam Plywood Agencies provides beautiful water panels to improve the look of your space and add a little more light to it. We offer custom designed LED water panels to fit your home and office space.

Our water panels include good quality LED lights and wireless remote control. The LED lights are available in many different colors, so

you can choose the one that best suits the entire look of your room.

Why us?

● Good quality LED water panels
● A number of design options
● Different colored LED lights
● Waterproof LED lights
● Custom design options available
● Easy to clean
● Reasonably priced
Our decorative LED water panels are engineered to last for long as we use only the best quality material available in the market. So, if you want to create an impressive and lasting impression on your guests, shop for the best water panels only at Assam Plywood Agencies.
Each of our panel in uniquely designed. We also provide you an option to choose from standing or wall hanging designs.
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Acrylic Flower Sheets

Covering a wide range of products, Assam Plywood Agencies has also included Acrylic Flower Sheets in its collection of products. APA Decor’s high-grade Acrylic Flower Sheets is a perfect choice if scratch protection is your concern. It is more durable and weighs less than glass. It is easy to maintain as well.
Acrylic Flower Sheets are ideally suited for applications that need stain and solvent resistance. They are widely used for table tops, retail displays, kitchen cabinet door, cupboard furniture, wardrobe, sliding door, TV cabinet and more.

Acrylic sheet’s versatility makes it one of the most used interior designing sheets. Assam Plywood Agencies is having the customers that buy these for different rooms in their homes. And, matching their requirement room wise, Assam Plywood Agencies does have the product lineup that meets their requirements.

Consult with our expert interior designers to know where these Acrylic Flower sheets will fit and look good in your home.
Assam Plywood Agencies has been the leading supplier of Acrylic Flower Sheets and its derivatives for quite a long time.
Our quality products and expert interior designers give you the house of your dreams or even better.
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Amulya Cladding

APA Decor is a noted name for the best interior and exterior design services. Recognized as the most trusted leader, supplier, distributor, and wholesaler in the industry, we have the best quality Amulya Cladding Laminates for home and office use. The incredible strength and aesthetic appeal make it the perfect choice for buyers looking for classy and modern designs options.

Our Amulya Cladding laminates will surely help in improving the overall look and feel of your interior as well as exterior space. With over 100 design options available, we help you choose the best one that matches well with the entire look of your residential or commercial property.

Why choose Amulya Cladding from APA Decor

● Termite-proof and water-proof
● Eco-friendly
● Flame retardant
● Highly durable
● Recyclable
● Excellent textures and design options
● A diverse range of colors
● Aesthetically pleasing

We, at APA Decor, offer a limited warranty on each of our product. So, in case you face any issue with the product, you can get in touch with one of our experts and we will take care of the rest.

Be it a residential or commercial project, we understand the common challenges that you might be facing and help you choose the best cladding laminates. To learn more about our Amulya Cladding product line, visit us today!

Zykron Century Fibre cement Boards

Fibre Cement Boards have become quite a commonly used product in the industry of construction. These boards are a convenient option when you are looking to build your space efficiently.
This is a best and unique range of fibre board solutions available only at Assam Plywood. Zykron Century Fibre Cement boards tend to stand strong in the areas having the presence of moisture and leaks. These boards have an excellent moisture absorbing and dying properties- this also makes them resistant to climatic change as well.
Zykron, Fibre Cement boards are the composite

materials that are made up of sand, cement, and fibre. These boards can be used alone or along with any plywood. They are highly resistant to termites, water and fire- this makes them an ideal choice to be added to your property.


These boards are generally used for flooring, furniture, wall-paneling or cladding and even for making certain gates. Unlike a normal plywood, these fibre boards do not degenerate and disintegrate due to moisture and do not attract harmful termites. These boards can be used in kitchens and bathrooms too, as they are highly resistant to heat and do not catch fire easily. Health problems are minimised for your family as well as those who help build your property worth living.

What are the Features of Zykron, Century Fibre Cement Boards?

● ASBESTOS-FREE: This product does not contain asbestos (generally harms our respiratory system).
● TIDY AND NEAT CONSTRUCTION: Using Zykron fiber Boards helps you to avoid the clutter of bricks, cement, and water.
● ODOR RESISTANT: Unlike other material, these fibre boards does not give-o-any odor
● QUICK CONSTRUCTION: Construction becomes 3 to 4 times faster while using Zykron fibre cement boards.
● UNIFORMITY: Zykron is a factory-made product which aims at providing you with a smooth and uniform finish.
● FORMALDEHYDE FREE: Since these boards do not use any glues or resins- it does not emit any harmful vapors of formaldehyde.

Wooden Flooring (Green Floor Max)

Recognized as the most prestigious provider of Wooden Flooring, Assam Plywood Agencies keeps on consistently serving a diverse assortment of products to the end users. The Wooden Flooring green floor max we provide captivates one’s senses with an enthralling visual appeal. Apart from providing the tremendous functionality, the Wooden Flooring offered by us render a bold statement. We offer cost-effective products to customers through optimization of process parameters without sacrificing product quality. Super durable and resistant to scratches, stains and water spill make them sturdy in every wear and tear.

From modern to contemporary styles to traditional vintage and antique designs, our Wooden Flooring is available in different genres. The wide variety of colors and textures in the Wooden Flooring can create an ambience like no other. With availability of our Wooden Flooring, there is no possibility of any uncharacteristic bending or twisting of the wooden planks.

If someone is in quest of something contemporary and elegant, Wooden Flooring is the best pick. The interlocking technology leaves no annoying gaps or crevices, leaving an exquisite looking floor.

Great Features of our Wooden Flooring (Green floor max):

● Super sturdy

● Seamless layout

● Impeccable endurance

● Easy installation with effective locking

You can get in touch with us anytime as per your convenience. Browse our latest collection of Wooden Flooring and opt for the colors, styles and textures. We promise to deliver the premium quality products at your doorstep. Our adept team is round the clock available for you.


Assam Plywood Agencies has the versatile collection of Deckwood. In the past decades, we have witnessed the outstanding development and expansion in this competitive industry. Our Deckwood can make an ordinary swimming pool, sauna, relax center, spa or shower extremely visually appealing. Acclaimed for abrasion resistance, eye-striking look, dimensional accuracy, less maintenance, sturdy construction and reliability, our deckwood comes in eye-catching designs and colors. Depending on our client’s specifications and need, we develop quality products in bulk. Our products are made by using premium material

and advanced technologies in conformity with the market trends.

Our capability of understanding what our clients need has enabled us to offer exact solutions to them and as a result of it; we have become the front-runner of industry. Our Deckwood has an elegant finish and can be ordered any time. We ensure you timely services. In terms of services, quality and delivery, we have reached the top level. Being our client, you can fetch high levels of satisfaction in terms of high end functionality.

Top Features of Deckwood from Assam Plywood Agencies:

● Non-slippery

● Fine finish

● Weather resistant

● Alluring pattern

● Light weight

● Excellent wear resistance

● Termite proof

Owing to our ethical business policies, holistic approach and budget-friendly prices, we have increased the number of our satisfied clients. Our agency’s strength is our team of experts with much-needed knowledge, skills, experience and expertise. Our full range of Deckwood is put to a quality testing phase under the guidance and supervision of professionals well-versed with effective testing techniques.

Fibre Cement Flooring

With the design, uniqueness, creativity and innovation as our central drivers, Assam Plywood Agencies is focused on an intuitive approach to provide highest quality fibre cement flooring suitable for all flooring applications including bathrooms, laundries, decks and balconies. The simplicity, embedded beauty and resistance against fire and moisture make our fibre cement flooring perfect to use. No matter whether it is a modern or a conventional construction, our fibre cement flooring is safe to install. The premium thermal insulation makes them safe to use for all climatic conditions.

Our fibre cement flooring is sealed on all sides with an advanced coating that helps to protect from moisture-related issues. Our flooring is designed in such a way that it eliminates the risk of any damage from dust or any other substance. We have a dedicated team of professionals acquainted with all flooring maintenance techniques and we give comprehensive guidance to our clients. Installing our fibre cement flooring is not at all time-consuming and arduous. The colors and design depend upon the rest of the space.

Factors that make our fibre cement flooring Reliable and Safe to use:

● Fire retardant

● 100% waterproof

● Bacteria and fungus resistant

● No shrinking or swelling

● Immune to termite attacks

● Immune to permanent damage from water

For making our prices extremely affordable, we do a lot of things such as checking the competitor’s prices, finding the one with lowest price and drop our prices to the lowest level that meets our client’s budget. Contact our professional team for any query or question related to fibre cement flooring and its features.

Fibre Cement Boards

Globally recognized as an exemplary provider of fibre cement boards, Assam Plywood Agencies has in-depth knowledge, skillsets and expertise to design quality products. Ideal for contemporary and conventional constructions, our boards have ability to function exceptionally well in high moisture areas including kitchen and bathroom. Addition to this, these are highly suitable for car parking areas, corridors, control rooms and hospitality kitchens. During completion of a building work, these boards withstand rain, snow and wind, furthermore help in making the building strong.

From walls to claddings and ceilings to floors, our boards are pre-eminent for internal as well as external applications. The superior thermal insulation, impressive toughness and dimensionally stable are the factors that make them perfect for extreme climatic conditions. Even with the proximity of direct flames, our fibre cement boards never ignite. No matter how unfavorable weather conditions are, our boards never crack, swell or warp like wood.

Designed by top level of precision in sync with set standards using outstanding techniques and quality approved materials, our boards act as the substitute to natural wood and wood based products. Known for their embedded beauty, our fibre cement boards are rigorously tested on numerous parameters by our quality controllers.

Top Features of Fibre Cement Boards of Assam Plywood Agencies:

● Seamless finish

● Stunning Design

● Enthralling Look

● Lightweight

● No asbestos

● Termite & Mould Resistant

Our commitment to quality, industry leading products and budget-friendly prices differentiate us from other service providers. The installation is just as quick as removal, providing high flexibility to the architects to amend the designs within a short span of time.

Decorative Charcoal Panels

With a focus on the central motive of offering quality assured exotic gamut of solutions at economical rates, Assam Plywood Agencies provides decorative Charcoal Panels ideal for interior and exterior applications to enhance your home remodeling project. We transform your space with instant style and privacy and continually perform the research and development of new design ideas to provide a fresh concept while maintaining a high level of functionality and visually pleasing aesthetics to facilitate solution to boost your decor.

Our decorative Charcoal Panels are sophisticated expressions of artistic from

rendering a continuation of nature to free flowing open spaces either interior or exterior. They are easy to operate with the lighting effects while giving an excellent natural feel to your decor without any risk of cracking. So far, our decorative masterpieces have helped shape the horizon of modern architecture and design, and form the backdrop of everyday lifestyle. All our panels are unique in design and the patterns vary according to the demand of our clients.

Features of Decorative Charcoal Panels of Assam Plywood Agencies:

● Resist splitting, cracking, warping and discoloration

● Ready to use, no sealing, painting or maintenance required

● Hassle-free Cleaning and Maintenance-free

● Lifetime limited warranty

● Withstand sun exposure and harmful elements

With a strong network, we are able to deliver in any location. Our services are quick, efficient and trustworthy. Our team is willing to converse with you, understand your requirements and provide you the best solutions. Please browse our website to know our more products.

High Pressure Laminate Cladding

With an aim to go beyond the world of interiors and bring the best of exterior solutions in a variety of designer shades & patterns, Assam Plywood Agencies promises to revolutionize home and office facades by offering high pressure laminate cladding. Our high pressure laminates come with a premium weather protective coating that includes double hardened resins. Manufactured in a high pressure laminate pressed under very high temperature, our laminates act as the best possible solution to add a dynamic aesthetics to building exteriors and provide the longevity to the building facades.

With a relentless focus on serving our customers in a phenomenal way, we deliver top of the line products and customized solutions through continuous innovations with technology with prodigious product knowledge for sustained profitability. We have the largest variety of high pressure laminate cladding in decors from concrete to metal, timber to metallic and graphic print to solid options.

Even in the harshest external environments, our laminate cladding remains extremely tough with high resistance to fading, scratching and denting. Designed in accordance with the industry standards, our high pressure laminate cladding reflects outstanding durability and excellent consistency.

Factors that represent the Durability of our high pressure laminate cladding:

● Tested for Air, Water and structural performance

● Weather resistant and Termite resistant

● Full Warranty

● UV Resistant

● Maintenance Free

We have a proven track record in offering top-quality High pressure laminate cladding and the high density surface finish of our laminate cladding helps in preventing accumulation of any dirt, dust and harmful substances. If you have any query related to our High pressure laminate cladding or any other product, please get in touch with us and talk to our experts now.